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Are you getting an error message in your navigation that says "satellites not available" ? If so, read more to learn how to fix this. The issue was caused by a corruption during the transmission of the most recent software update.


To resolve the issue:

1) Park your car in a safe location with at least 25% battery

2) In the center console, press "menu"

3) At the main menu screen, press the power button 3 times - this will enter a special mode where you can delete the existing GPS software module

4) Select "re-install software" module

5) Select "GPS"

6) Select "Update"


Congratulations, you have just updated the GPS module and all should work.


Should the same error occur in the future, we want to automatically detect the problem and eliminate this manual step. The 13.4 software update due later this year includes a new update manager that will prevent this from happening in the future.


My GPS is saying that no satellites are available. It has been 3 days since its worked! @ecohausmotors - what gives?

GPS : unable to locate Satellites

by Community Manager on ‎03-06-2017 01:08 PM (1,710 Views)
by Community Manager
on ‎03-13-2017 03:35 AM

I had this same problem, and this fixed it!

by Community Manager
on ‎03-14-2017 08:57 PM

Why is this needed? Could you provide more details....