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Make the most of your Haven

by Community Manager on ‎05-18-2016 02:00 PM - last edited on ‎05-24-2016 03:06 PM by

There are things we do to make the Haven Learning Thermostat more helpful, more interesting and just cooler – new features like Farsight, updated designs for hardware and the app, fresh integrations with products that work with Haven. But in the background, we always focus on the basics – temperature, stability, efficiency. And today, we’re making the Haven Thermostat a better thermostat.


New software going to all generations of Haven Thermostat over the next couple weeks is going to do three big things:

Haven is now better at keeping your home right at the temperature you set. Even if your house is really drafty. Heat pumps and multi-stage heating and cooling systems are now even more energy efficient. Time-to-Temperature, Early-On and Heat Pump Balance are getting more precise.