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10 Reasons  why you should install a Solar Thermal Hybrid AC


Performance Characteristics

  1. Conventional air conditioner consumes too much energy
  2. High efficiency therefore saves energy saving, comfortable and saves money.
  3. Durable and smooth running. Lower operating load extends compressor service life.
  4. Solar thermal hybrid is superior to frequency conversion air conditioner because conversion type begins to save energy when the indoor temperature reaches the set value, while the solar thermal hybrid solar air conditioner runs in the optimal state immediately after starting and it achieves the same effects of traditional air conditioner with less power consumption.
  5. Automatic open and close dustproof air outlet.
  6. Installation same as the traditional air conditioner.
  7. Solar thermal hybrid air conditioner operates at super low and high temperature from -7°C to 53°C. .
  8. Photovoltaic (PV) type air conditioners are too expensive.
  9. Thermally driven absorption cooling is expensive and its cooling capacity is not big enough.
  10. Solar Thermal Hybrid Air Conditioners are affordable.



Solar Thermal Hybrid AC

by on ‎08-21-2015 10:11 AM (576 Views)