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One of the huge pieces of news coming out of Tesla’s conference call last night was that 38,000 reservations have been made for Tesla’s Powerwall (but with an average above 1/reservation resulting in something more like 50,000 Powerwalls or more), as well as ~2,500 reservations for the much larger Powerpacks. This has apparently even blown Tesla away, and looks to mean that Tesla is sold out through the middle of 2016.


Ecohaus is committed to build the best solar panels for residential applications and we are equally committed to making sure they integrate easily and seamlessly with the Tesla Powerwall.


I don’t think anyone can put it in better words that Tesla CEO and Product Architect Elon Musk himself, so here’s a transcript from that portion of the conference call:


“The response has been overwhelming. Okay… like, crazy.


“In the course of less than a week, we’ve had 38,000 reservations for the Powerwall, 2,500 reservations for the Powerpack. The Powerpack, it should be noted, typically — this is bought by utilities or large industrial companies, for heavy industrial work. Typically, Powerpack, it’s like at least 10 Powerpacks per installation, so if there’s 2,500 reservations, there’s actually 25,000 Powerpacks.


“Powerwall also, we suspect, is probably an average number of Powerpacks is probably 1½ to 2 per installation. So, you know, so, 30,000 reservations is more like 50,000 or 60,000 actual Powerwalls.


“I mean, there’s like no way that we could possibly satisfy this demand this year. And we’re basically, like, sold out through the middle of next year… in the first week. It’s crazy.


“We had 2,500 requests from companies that want to distribute or install the Powerwall and Powerpack. We can’t even respond to them. We have to, like, triage our response to those who want to be a distributor. So, it’s like crazy off the hook.


“It seems to have gone super viral.”




Later on he said that they could “easily have the Nevada Gigafactory just do stationary storage,” clearly indicating that even the production capacity of the Gigafactory (or Gigafactory #1) isn’t enough for demand.


Elon also mentioned that Tesla expected demand for its stationary storage, as measured in megawatt-hours or gigawatt-hours, to be approximately double that of the car.

Ecohaus Solar Panels & The Tesla Powerwall

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