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Has anyone used a robotic vacuum cleaner on a floor with w2w carpet, rugs, hardwoods and tiles? 


I like the Dyson 360 Eye.  Expensive, but in my opinion well worth it.  Lots of power!


  • Twice the suction of any robot Vacuum* - The Dyson digital motor V2 is small and light to generate powerful suction.
  • The 360 eye vision system can see all around your room at once to intelligently map out and navigate your home. It calculates a systematic cleaning pattern so it knows where it's been and where it's yet to clean.
  • The Dyson link app, available on iOS or android, gives you the ability to control, schedule, and analyze data from your Dyson 360 Eye robot.
  • Radial Root cyclone technologyTM separates dirt and dust, to make sure what is sucked up is kept in the bin.
  • A full-width brush bar provides maximum floor coverage and edge-to-edge cleaning across hard floors and carpets with nylon and carbon fiber bristles.


Robotic Vacuum Cleaners

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