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Home Automation hardware list

Team - anyone has a list of hardware controllers to support the different home automation protocols? Thanks,



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Re: Home Automation hardware list

Hi Mick,


This list is dedicated to hardware controllers, which are devices designed to support one or more home automation protocols, with or without expansion modules. In order to make it on the list, the hardware should still be available for purchase.

This list is divided in 2 categories:

  • Intelligent Controllers, which support some sort of programming language, and can respond to certain conditions and home automation commands.
  • Dumb controllers are devices which don't support any logic, but can be programmed to execute some basic tasks (i.e. scheduled lights on/off) without depending on a PC.

A home automation hardware controller does not require a permanent PC link.

Keep in mind that until we set up the matrix overview, we only want to list the basic protocols/interfaces the device has, or the list would grow too large considering most of these controllers can do much more.

Intelligent Controllers
ADI Ocelot (X10-PLC,I/O,IR)
ADI Leopard II (X10-PLC,I/O,IR)
JDS Stargate (X10-PLC,I/O,IR)
Universal Devices ISY-26 (Insteon)
Elk M1 Gold (X-10,UPB,Z-Wave,Insteon,I/O)
Elk M1 EZ8 (X-10,UPB,Z-Wave,Insteon,I/O)
HomeVision (X10-PLC,UPB,IR)
HomeVision Pro (X10-PLC,UPB,IR)

'Dumb' Controllers
X10 CM11A (X10-PLC)
X10 CM15A (X10-PLC,X10-RF)
SmartHome USB PowerLinc 1132CU (X10-PLC)

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Re: Home Automation hardware list

great thread! thanks!!

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Re: Home Automation hardware list

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Re: Home Automation hardware list

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over this this post is perfect for me!!!!

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Re: Home Automation hardware list

I had a quite a bad electric shock on my wemo the other week - wasn't happy about that..

@MickS wrote:

Team - anyone has a list of hardware controllers to support the different home automation protocols? Thanks,




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Re: Home Automation hardware list

Choosing the right Z-Wave Controller is not an easy decision. There are three main questions you should ask yourself:

1. How many devices do or will I need to control?
2. How many different Home Automation Protocols do or will I need to combine?
3. How much freedom do I want to have in terms of customization and orchestration

If you only have Zwave devices in your possession and don’t need complex scenarios you will be happy to hear that any controller in this list will suffice. You should have a look at the design and the user interface of the corresponding apps to narrow down your decision.

If you have a lot of different devices that are using various protocols you will need to resort to a controller that supports multiple protocols and therefore will be the glue to hold your complete infrastructure together.

In most cases the SmartThings Hub is the right choice. It struggles a bit when it comes to customization and the ability to create complex scenarios. However, the Plug & Play nature of the beautifully designed device will appeal to a majority of users.

For those of you who need a bit more freedom and like to tinker a bit with technology will be very happy with the VeraLite. It allows for scripting and the creation of complex event triggered scenarios.

Who is still not happy with the features of the VeraLite might need the Hometroller S6, which is a device for people who only want the best of the best. It is based on years of experience of the leader in Home Automation – HomeSeer. It will give you even more possibilities in terms of orchestration and the combination of different home automation protocols and devices.



Anyway, feel free to have a detailed look at the reviews herehttp://buildyoursmarthome.co/reviews/best-z-wave-controller/

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Re: Home Automation hardware list