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hello everyone i am new to the community and looking for disposable garbage cans - does anyone know any company who makes those and where they might be purchased. 

I live in Alabama.


Thanks all!




Hi Joe, and welcome to the community all the way from Alabama! Smiley Happy

The first thing you should do is check out Amazon - they have sturdy cardboard cans here:


Then Home Depot has a selection here as well:


and there's also a company i like a lot called MrTakeOutBags with good selection as well here:


Finally, uline.com has one of the most extensive selection of all sorts of cans - including disposable ones as well so check them out too!


Good recycling to you!

Hi Joe, and thanks for the great recommendations Bob!


How ironic is it that most people think of recycling garbage but hardly ever garbage cans! And yet garbage cans contribute greatly to the overall plastic pollution in the world as described here:


Also most folks don't know this but the plastic liners used in normal garbage cans also end up in landfills polluting the surrounding areas. Recyclable cans don't have that issue and are a great way to reduce pollution.


Anyway, Bob is right, there are many companies out there selling disposable garbage containers.

Here at EcoHaus we use corrugated cardboard trash cans in all our offices - we get them from VictoryStore.com - There's also a really great online company called clean-cubes.com you should check out.


Thanks for caring Joe, please let us know if there's anything else we can answer for you.

Larry in Marketing

Where can i find recyclable disposable garbage cans?

by on ‎06-24-2014 06:31 AM (1,459 Views)